The astrological tarot spread is based on 12 zodiac signs and 12 astrological houses. This reading is suitable for both self-knowledge and situation development.

The reading map is as follows:
I House Aries - Your personality, inner world, preferences, world opinion
II House Taurus - Finance
III House Gemini- Communication and relationships
IV House Cancer - Home and family
V House Leo - Love life
VI House Virgo - Job, physical health, daily routine
VII House Libra - Marriage, friendly union, trade unions, contractual relations
VIII House Scorpio - Changes, transformation, significant changes
IX House Sagittarius - Studies, journeys, life philosophy, higher studies
X House Capricorn - Your potential, status, public life, public recognition
XI House Aquarius - Your plans, hopes, goals
XII House Pisces - Exam, matches, secrets

The reading uses the entire tarot deck of 78 cards, i.e., the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The most popular Rider Waite tarot set is used for reading.

How to work with cards:
Focus on your question.
Pick one card and let it affect you for a while.
Each card offers several meanings. Emotionally, intuitively, and according to the situation, choose which offered answers are intended just for you.

You don’t have to be a tarot expert to know what the cards want to tell you. Trust your intuition and your instincts. Let yourself be guided by the voice of the Tarot.

You can use short prayer
Please speak to me through this reading and guide me on my path to an answer.

Astrological Tarot Spread

Spread the cards and choose 12 cards

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