Geomancy (literally divination from the earth) sometimes called earth astrology is the Western equivalent of the I Ching.

It is, however, attributed to its Islamic and Arab origin with elements of Indian influence, which were mixed into geomancy during the extensive trade trips of Arab merchants, which resulted in an exchange of knowledge. Esoteric texts also reached Europe thanks to Arab trade routes. Here they were translated by scholars in collaboration with the universities of the time, and geomancy became one of the most popular systems of divination in Europe and Africa during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. It relies on the hermetic law of the unity of the macrocosm (the universe around us) and the microcosm (the universe within us) to help us unlock the hidden potential for wisdom and knowledge.

It is a divination art that uses 16 geomantic figures. Each figure is composed of four lines, and each line contains one or two points. Each figure has several attributes and qualities and is associated with a certain planet, zodiac sign, element, time, gender, and human quality and carries their energy.


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