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Mariasch cards are one of the most popular decks of cards in the Czech Republic and Slovakia but are also used in Bavaria in Germany as well as in Austria. For card readers from these regions, reading from Mariasch cards is perhaps even a more common form of cartomancy than using tarot cards.

You can draw 3 cards from this deck, they only have names 1st card, 2nd card and 3rd card and this is so that you can determine your own way of reading.

There are more spread maps, for example:

1.Mariasch cards can answer questions with YES or NO:
If two or three positive cards fall, the answer is YES.
If two or three negative cards fall, the answer is NO.

2. Progress of a situation from the past to the future..

3. Interpreting the story the cards tell you about a problem or situation.

So it is up to you which spread map you choose, but it is necessary to decide in advance, before the reading! Pick the cards and listen to what they have to say.

Mariasch Cards

Ask a question and choose three cards

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