Free Online Joker Cards Cartomancy

Reading from Joker cards has a long history, the first records can be found as early as the 13th century AD. For European card readers, along with tarot and Mariash cards, Joker cards are among the three most used tools for predicting the future and cartomancy.

The Joker includes four card circuits of hearts, diamonds, spades, and clubs.

Unlike tarot, there are several systems of interpretations of Joker cards, but most of them agree that hearts represent something happy and positive, and diamonds also carry a positive meaning. Spades are negative, but they also carry hope for improvement, and clubs bring trouble.

The reading below is given in simple, short sentences. It can help you decide how to act in a certain situation or show how the matter will develop and what you should know. In divination, it is important to remember the situation or problem that interests you. Draw two cards from the deck and allow enough time for interpretation.

Fortune telling from Joker cards

Think of a particular matter and choose two cards

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