Tarot has great magical power and each card behind its story contains spiritual wisdom. Therefore one of the other ways to use tarot cards is to use them as a tool for spiritual and personal development. Each day you can draw one card and allow the tarot to become your spiritual guide.

The reading uses the entire tarot deck of 78 cards, i.e., the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The most popular Rider Waite tarot set is used for reading.

How to work with cards:
1. You can draw a card without having a question. It is also possible to ask a specific question or think about some life situation.
2. Focus. The more energy you can put into getting the cards to communicate with you, the more likely you will receive a response.

You can use short prayer
Please speak to me through this reading and guide me on my path to an answer.

Tarot Spiritual Guide

Spread the cards and choose one card