This daily tarot reading from the Major Arcana can become your guide for today.

Every day brings different energies, challenges, and opportunities, represented by a particular tarot card. Tarot cards of the day will reveal today's energies and even advise you how to use those energies as efficiently as possible and be consistent with your higher self. Their wisdom and loving guidance will advise you on how best to handle the energies around you. It is best to do a reading at the start of a new day. After picking the card, let it work on you for a while and absorb its message.

The cards are ready. Now is the time for you to tune in and open up their message. May the power and powerful magic of the tarot illuminate your every day. Have a nice day!


Prayer for guidance

Angels, guardians, guides, higher powers of light and goodness, I welcome your guidance and wisdom. Reveal the truth to me and don't hide anything. May your knowledge lead me to good decisions, new growth, and a feeling of peace.


Card Of The Day

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