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Tarot is quite comprehensive. In the beginning, you may be discouraged by the feeling of being overwhelmed by the excess of information. Each card tells a complex story. Each symbol on the card speaks. An experienced tarot reader combines tarot knowledge and intuition and can recognize what the cards are trying to say. Don't get discouraged And start your tarot journey :) No one is born with tarot knowledge, and you have to start somewhere.

Read about the Tarot and learn at the same time with our Tarot Deck for Beginners. Practice makes perfect. Read often, to yourself and others. You can also download the Tarot Cheat Sheet for free.

How to make reading:
As always, get ready to communicate with the cards – prepare coffee or tea, turn on some music, and just tune in and focus.
Start asking the cards. Draw one card at a time as needed. You can draw as many cards as you want. A maximum of 78.
Stop with each card you draw and think about what it might be trying to say. Also, examine the image of the card itself and its symbols. You can also further develop communication by asking for clarification or drawing another card.
Imagine the reading as a gradually, developing conversation with a friend, where you need to get information from them.

Tarot for Beginners

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