The runes are given a divine origin. It is said that the ancient Norse god Odin sacrificed himself to obtain runes. According to Norse mythology, Odin is the father of magic and shamanic spells. He can change his form, control the mind of enemies, prophesize and cast spells. His day is Wednesday, called in Old English Wódnesdæg (Odin's day), which is the basis of today's English Wednesday. 

This old rune reading bears his name and consists of 5 runes, where the runes present:
Distant past - Recent past - Present - Near future - Distant future. This free online fortune-telling is suitable for the overall illumination of a situation.

You can use short prayers:
Please speak to me through this runic reading and guide me on my path to an answer.

Odin's Rune Reading

Cast a Runes and Choose Five Runes

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