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You can use the Latin to Runic translator to find out how your name or any other word you are interested in is written in the runic alphabet - Futhark.

Several offshoots have evolved because the runic character set has been used in various languages and countries for centuries. The runic alphabet is not uniform and varies depending on the country and time of use. The most famous ones are the Germanic Futhark, the Anglo-Saxon Futhork, and the Viking Futhork.

This runic translator uses the Germanic Futhark (The oldest form of the runic alphabet).

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ᛏᛃᛈᛖ ᛊᛟᛗᛖ ᛏᛖᚲᛊᛏ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛊᛖᛖ ᚺᛟᚹ ᛁᛏ ᛁᛊ ᚹᚱᛁᛏᛏᛖᚾ ᛁᚾ ᚠᚢᚦᚨᚱᚲ

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Welcome Type some text and see how it is written in futhark

The Elder Futhark runic alphabet

The oldest form of the runic alphabets is the Germanic Futhark, also known as the Elder Futhark, Older Futhark, or Old Futhark. Used between the 1st century to the 8th century AD. The whole rune system forms an alphabet of 24 characters.

Futhark originates from the first six rune characters
Fehu, Uruz, Thurisaz, Ansuz, Raido, Kenaz.

Futhark runic alphabet

The runes are given a divine origin

It is said that the ancient Norse god Odin sacrificed himself to obtain runes. According to Norse mythology, Odin is the father of magic and shamanic spells, the master of inspiration. He can change his form, control the mind of enemies, prophesize and cast spells. His day is Wednesday, called in Old English Wódnesdæg (Odin's day), which is the basis of today's English Wednesday.

Odin hanged himself on the world tree (Yggdrasil), for nine days and nine nights as a self-sacrificial ritual to gain knowledge of other worlds and be able to understand the runes. During his sacrificial actions, he made incredible discovery, he had visions and received secret runic wisdom.

Meaning of Futhark runes

The word "Rune" means secret, whisper, mystery, miracle, or intention.

The runes were not only used to write texts; they were also widely used for magical purposes, such as divination, witchcraft, protective talismans, and even healing.

Actually the runes were first used as a system of divination and later made into a writing system.

In Norse mythology, there are 24 pathways between the nine worlds which are placed along the world tree. These pathways indicate the 24 runes that can also be used to unlock some of the mysteries of nine worlds and it's believed that the number 24 helps to shape and hold the world together. In the system, each rune has a symbolic meaning which represents a fundamental aspect of reality.

Below you will find the main meaning of each rune.

- Fehu - Livestock, energy, wealth, success, happiness, fertility
- Uruz - The bull, strength, endurance, courage, health, wild power
- Thurisaz - Bad weather, defense, conflict, obstacles
- Ansuz - Associated with Odin himself, a life test and gaining more knowledge, wisdom, understanding
- Raidho - The wagon, journey, movement, traveling, decision-making
- Kenaz - Torch, opening, light, positive completion, creativity, inspiration, vision
- Gebo - Gift, generosity, exchange, partnerships
- Wunjo - Perfection, happiness, joy, pleasure
- Hagalaz - Hail, destruction, loss, being tested
- Nauthiz - Lack, the law of Karma, restrictions
- Isa - Ice, cooling of emotions, stagnation, passivity, introspection
- Jera - Harvest, reaping rewards, the idea of a year, time cycles
- Eihwaz - Yggdrasil world tree, resurrection, the increase in strength and energy, enlightenment
- Perthro - The secret, mystery, the fruiting tree, feminine energy, dance, play
- Algiz - The rune of the elk, defense, be alert, shields
- Sowilo - Sun, favorable conditions for future happiness, honor, victory, wholeness
- Tiwaz - The rune of the germanic god Tyr, fight, victory, leadership, masculinity
- Berkano - Birch tree, purification, healing, family, fertility, femininity, birth
- Ehwaz - The horse, movement, progress, transportation, change
- Mannaz - Human, humanity, cooperation, society
- Laguz - Water, seas, the ocean, need to reach the safe harbor and ground beneath your feet, intuition, dreams, hopes and fears
- Ingwaz - The rune of the ancient god Ing, maturation, patience, completing great work and time to enjoy success, masculine energy
- Dagaz - Day, dawn, it's time to plan or act, hope, awakening
- Othala - Heritage, home, property, personal possessions, it promises safety and protection

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