Every action you take, everything you see and hear, whether you pay attention or not, is permanently stored in your subconscious.
For example, you can drive and have a conversation with your co-driver. You pass another car to which you do not pay any special attention. You may only notice the car by peripheral vision. Nevertheless, this information is permanently stored in your memory.

Theoretically, it is later possible to recall the car's license plate from memory. Such things are commonly achieved through hypnosis.

Numerology can help you find a lost item in this vast information storage. Let's say you lost the ring you had in your pocket. The only thing you know is where you last had it. When the ring fell out of your pocket, it caused a barely noticeable weight loss and perhaps an inconspicuous sound as it hit the carpet and rolled under the sofa. Even if you didn't know it, the moment of the loss of the ring is stored in your subconscious, and numerology offers a way to penetrate this source.

How to find a lost item using numerology:

Think of a lost object
Write nine digits in the form that comes to mind
The numbers must not all be the same, e.g., 111111111
You cannot use more than three zeros.


Write nine digits

Finding a lost object using numerology

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