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Each letter of the alphabet is represented with the sum of your full name, consonants, or just vowels that will give us numbers that affect us throughout our lives. A numerological analysis of your name and surname can reveal how your energies affect you or how a change of surname can affect you, for example, after a wedding or after renaming.

The Name Numerology Report will show you:

The Destiny or Expression Number is derived from your total birth name letters. It describes a person's personality and character. It also reveals their approach to life and overcoming obstacles. Also, how other people perceive it and what face it shows the world.

The Personality Number is derived from all the consonants of the name and surname. This number mainly represents professional and material life, attitudes to life, the external expression of man, and its realization.

The Soul Urge Number Or Heart Desire Number is derived from all the vowels of the first and last name. It informs about inner wishes, desires, and hidden ideals.


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