What number vibrates with your address?
Just as a numerological analysis of a name or date of birth can be done, so can an analysis of an address. The address does not affect us as strongly as the name and date of birth, yet it has its weight and a cumulative effect because we spend a lot of time in our homes for many years.

To find out the address number, enter the house number and street number in the form and, if you know the apartment number, add it as well. It is also possible to do a numerology analysis only for the room number or apartment number. Do not use abbreviations for the street if these abbreviations are not official. Do not enter a zip code or city, or state.

For example, if the address is:
Apartment 1c, 213 Derrick Street, Boston, MA 02130 USA

Then Enter:
1c 213 Derrick Street

Enter the street, the house number, and possibly also the apartment number

Do not use diacritics!

Numerology of Address

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