One area of numerology is the study of karmic lessons (karmic numerology) and uses the missing number method. Each letter is assigned a number, and it carries some vibrational energy. If we lack a certain number in our name, we call it a missing or karmic number. Knowing the missing numbers is important because it indicates areas of our lives where we are weak and need work. It points out that the qualities that we are to acquire are both the vacuum that needs to be filled to master the required karmic lesson and to understand the karmic lessons. By understanding the karmic lessons, we and our loved ones, can help us be more patient with ourselves and with them.

You may notice that your missing number is strongly represented by the people who upset you. For example, they have your missing number as a life number or realization number. However, if you find that your missing number is strongly represented among your friends and people you like to meet, you are on the right track. It means that you are working to fill in what you are missing, already building those qualities.


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Missing number

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Missing number - Karmic lesson

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