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Our date of birth has exceptional strength. The vibration and energy of the date of birth affect a person's nature and life path. It is no coincidence that we were born on a specific day. The birth of the soul into a physical body takes place at a convenient time. It is in harmony with the cosmic forces that help us in our incarnation and throughout our life journey. We can't change our date of birth, apart from the name. Karma is connected with it, and it gives a person qualities, possibilities, and obstacles on the way of life.

But beware, numerology does not predict the future, and there are no good or bad numbers. It only alerts us to possible obstacles and weaknesses and further highlights our strengths and natural talents. The question of exercising their will is left entirely to each person.

Thanks to the numerology, we can better understand ourselves or another person, find out what energies affect us, know our strengths and weaknesses. We can also use the quality of the number to shape a happier life, for example, by strengthening the natural positive aspects, and thanks to this complete view, we can make the most of our strengths.

After entering the date of birth, you will get the main characteristics of the day of birth and Life Path Number, or fate number, which are among the most critical numbers in numerology.


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