According to the numerological approach, we can determine the tasks and direction of our lives according to the day of the week in which we were born.

Every day of the week carries special vibrations, and each day is assigned a planet, and it carries characteristics. In fact, the days of the week were named after the planets. In Babylon, the days bore the names of celestial bodies visible to the eye, which people thought were gods (Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Sun). Later, the Romans and the Greeks took the names of the days, from whom the system was also taken over by the Slavs and Germans, who subsequently modified the names according to their deities, who associated them with the planet. For example, Monday – day of the moon, Danish: Mandag - day of the moon, French: Lundi - day of the moon, Italian: Lunedì - day of the moon, Japanese: Gecujóbi - day of the moon, Latin: Dies lunae - day of the moon, Spanish: Lunes - day of the moon, Korean: Walyoil - day of the moon. 

Fill in your date of birth to find out the day of the week you were born. The explanation includes the characteristics of each day and the respective planets and the task of your soul for this life.

Soul tasks

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Soul tasks

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